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VT#15 Simone Bricchi

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“Our mind and spirit are in which we should strive to find home and serenity, home
doesn’t start with a place; it starts deeper, miles beneath the surface. If you are
comfortable and safe within, it won’t matter what goes on- on the outside.”, says Inbar Lavi, one of our four cover stars of our Fall/Winter 2021 issue. For this edition, we felt it was important to highlight the importance the power of youth has, especially during these current times, which undoubtedly has molded a new generation of young talents.


Four different covers, four different celebrities, ten different perspectives on fashion, art, sports, and entertainment provide a wide array of how challenging yet rewarding it can be to face and embrace our inner being in the current times. In this edition, we have the participation of different artists who from their respective fields reflect in their trajectory, the challenges of the pandemic, and the impact that being young can make in today’s world.