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VT#16 Javon Walton

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"Never Put Limitations On Me". One is captivated when an actor like Javon "Wanna" Walton takes the spotlight, as he has shown with his role of Ashtray on HBO's
Euphoria. We think part of that appeal, beyond his great acting skills, is because of

his ability to exude that passion that is part of his DNA. Being a reflection of a new
generation of multitalented young people who want to do everything, having diverse
passions and aspirations in their lives, the actor, boxer, and gymnast always keeps
his flame burning, as among his sights is to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics.
For our SS22 edition, the actor talks about his great passions, and how his life has
changed since Euphoria, his upcoming film Samaritan with Sylvester Stallone, and
his upcoming projects.

Photography. Najah Mansur | Javon wears: Cardigan by Burberry &
Chocker by Alexander McQueen


(23.5”x 33.5” cm) in full color, with 300-gram anti-scratch, semi-matte cover with embossed logo, interior pages of 130 grams, semi-matte, with rustic, glued binding, with more than 80 pages in the deluxe finish.

This issue also marks 10 years of Vanity Teen as a print magazine. 10 years in
which, like our loyal audience, the publication has been changing its format and
narrative. It's easy to remember our first print issues, in which our "magazine" format
back then was certainly something quite different from the one we usually know now.
Within the early issues, an issue with Cameron Dallas indirectly predicted the impact
of social media and influencers within fashion. Now, today, our audience is a totally
a different one from 10 years ago, one from which we undoubtedly expect great things,
one in which we wish to be companions of that transition in which they grow to discover and explore to form their identity, mixing new forms of communication to continue expressing that renewed and genuine teen spirit with which this magazine began.